The fastest way to build, design or just to test a product, the revolutionary Rhomb.io system is made to fulfil your needs in the shortest time, eliminating flaws before the final design is approved.

The flexibility of this system brings a new generation of devices to life that can be improved every day to deal with ever changing demands in the market.

Don't hold back, push ahead with your old products. With rhomb.io  you can also transform your current devices and move them forward.

Build systems with Processors and Microcontrollers or reuse your code in new devices.

All the ecosystem is compatible between them. That allows you adapt the product every time you need.

  • Research only the parts you need, no need to redevelop the entire product each time.
  • Increase the level of flexibility of your warehouse through interchangeable parts.
  • Satisfy customer needs, by changing the modules configurations.
  • Increase the product life cycle.
  • Take control. Don't leave your product's future in the hands of manufacturers.
  • Embrace new technologies
  • Add new specifications

All of this is only a small part of what you can attain using the system.