Hardware Design

Electronics & Mechanics

Tnfg (Tecnofingers) has a rich history in the design of products, mechanical and electronical parts, supporting and enabling customers to reach their objectives.

 Consulting Service

Tnfg provides development and consulting services for users of and other kind of products.

 Reliable company

We have a wealth of experience in developing complete products. We will support you and your product throughout the process from the product creation to its design and manufacture.

We can provide the following services:

  •  Electronical design.
  •  Flexible design.
  • system customization.
  •  Mechanical design.
  •  Case and enclosure design.
  •  Custom parts (screws, displays, etc..)
  •  Mold creation and production.
  •  Manufacturing.
  •  Access to a global network of realiable suppliers.

Software Development

We have a specialized team with a long history in software development, BSP, Drivers. provides a wide range of options regarding OS, but not all drivers are integrated in the standard BSP.

You can implement a specific driver to support your custom parts.


Manufacturing Parts

All the parts can be manufactured by the manufacturer of your choice.  Tnfg gives you the posibility to manufacture all the parts you need by yourself: electronic parts, plastic or mechanical parts.

Production Management

Tnfg can arrange and manage the production of your based devices in order to solve the production gaps and problems, helping you have a great experience during manufacturing and assembly processes.

Experienced Team

Our experience in the field made us able to meet the production of the most complex components, such as pitch 0,3mm BGA with more than 1150 Balls. Specialized in small sized PCBs and device miniaturization.


The fastest way to build, design or just to test a product, the revolutionary system is made to fulfil your needs in the shortest time, eliminating flaws before the final design is approved.


Developers gives you the opportunity to make your ideas a reality, with increased speed and reliability. Build your device as always, check the options, improve it with the latest technology and launch to market ahead of the competition.